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Event/Tickets (18th of August 2018)

Tickets will be available Friday 20th July

We are pleased to announce our the first 3dmeetup. UK event will be held on Saturday the 18th of August From 11 am till 5 pm. We are hosted by STEAMhouse in Digbeth Birmingham, a new centre aimed at encouraging the collaboration of the arts, science, technology, engineering, art and maths.

This is our first small event aiming to get around 100 visitors. We want this to be a forerunner to more 3d Printing events and meetups. We hope our events will become high points of the year for 3d printing enthusiasts and professionals alike.

We will be having a mix of talks and exhibits and hopefully and a few surprises with can only happen in Digbeth.

Tickets will be available Friday 20th July with them for the following prices.

General Admission (Adult) Free
Under 16 Admission (must be accompanied by an adult) Free
Supporter Ticket £4.50
Supporter Ticket Gold £9.50
Exhibitors Visit:Get Involved


We aim to make our events accessible to everyone so we will make as many tickets as possible free. All income will be spent on unavoidable costs and extras to make the event better such has snacks and drinks. We will be publishing a break down of where the income has been spent after the event. We will also take sponsorship if we feel it will make the event better and more enjoyable.

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