3dMeetup UK 2019 – Badge Challenge


Our first badge design challenge gives everyone the chance to personalise and print their badge that they can wear at the 3Dmeetup UK event. Just attach it to the awesome lanyard in the goody bag all our visitors are getting from our friends 3dprintz.co.uk . We’ve got more details below, so if you feel like getting your print on, keep reading.

We have started the ball rolling by having a go ourselves and have come up with this design based on our logo. We have put the files online for you to modify and remix and most importantly print your badges.

Find the Files Here


Best Remix –
Can you take our logo to a new dimension? This catergory is about taking inspiration from our design files and remixing them. Add something fun or exciting to make it your own. This could be moving parts or go all out with LEDs or any crazy idea comes to mind. Just remember it still has to be a badge.


Your chance to win a free weekend pass. Tweet/Instagram/Facebook a photo of your badge design and cool prints if you get more than fifty likes that week, we’ll be giving our favourite each week a free ticket for the weekend. Just make sure you have a link to our page and use the hashtag #3dmeetupuk on your posts. There will also be a prize for the most viral photo of a badge at the 3Dmeetup UK weekend.

Printspirational – Over the weekend, there will be a prize for the most interesting print of our original deisgn. It could be tiny, giant or covered in glitter, whatever filaments your heart with joy. We’ll be out about looking, so make sure your badge is clearly displayed.